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Feeling blessed by a keynote speaker

At the 2016 TESOL, my colleague Anne, who used to be president of NNETESOL, was at a session by a woman who will be our next keynote speaker. She didn’t intend to make a unilateral decision. We were both trolling sessions to find someone who might be interesting to our audience here in the Northeast …

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Exploring Other Avenues of Advocacy

How do we reach out to mainstream teachers who have ELL students in their classrooms?

Diane Ravitch at AASA National Conference on Education

Recently I have been reading and watching Diane Ravitch. Ravitch, you’ll recall, is an educational historian who served for a time as an Undersecretary of Education.  She’s now at NYU and the Brookings Institute. Here is her website to learn more about her: http://www.dianeravitch.com/ Recently Ravitch has come out very strongly against federal education policies …

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Looking at Service Models: HOW do we teach?

Service models have been on my mind lately. So in my world of English Language Learning, there has been a REALLY BIG PUSH for push-in. My new principal—before he was hired—mentioned SIOP (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol) and asked how widely it was used in the school. (After a little more questioning, I determined this was …

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