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Regional Representative Rotation/Terms


Regional Representative Rotation and Terms

The Regional Representatives are responsible for ensuring communication with the members in each state respectively, and are to serve as liaison between respective state members and the association.  Regional Representatives are charged with promoting membership in their states and presenting a collaboratively written state report to the Executive Board at each board meeting.  They are charged with helping the association to better serve the members in their state.  They are also responsible for organizing and presenting a spring gathering in their respective states, with the assistance of other board members residing in their state and volunteers from the membership list.


Vermont (1): Sara Forbes  (Term 2015-2018)
Vermont (2): Megan Fahey (Term 2015-2018)

New Hampshire (1): Jim Bronson (Term 2015-2018)
New Hampshire (2): Mary Lou Donahoe (Term 2013-2016)

Maine (1): Alec Lapidus (Term 2014-2017)
Maine (2): Ina Demers (Term 2012-2016)

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