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New refugee literature

August 27, 2017 NNETESOL 0

Reading, Writing & Refugees: New/upcoming books for kids & teens about Muslim refugees @nytimes #ELL #ELLchat #WNDB — Colorín Colorado (@ColorinColorado) August 25, […]

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Addressing Plagiarism

August 22, 2017 NNETESOL 0

Hampshire College TESOL Certificate Course One activity that I could attempt to do with my ESL students is to provide a funny scenario where a student […]

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The Native Speaker Fallacy

August 15, 2017 NNETESOL 0

Adeline Grant Skovronek Hampshire College TESOL Certificate Course I do not believe that the ideal English teacher has to be a native English speaker. […]

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A good resource to follow

July 1, 2017 NNETESOL 0

In my mailbox every Friday, I get the email you see below. The emails come from the University of Oregon, at its Obaverse site: […]