NNETESOL 2016: Detailed Program & Presenter Bios

programLooking for detailed session descriptions and presenter bios so you can plan your day at the November 5th conference? Your wait is over! Check out the 2016 Schedule page on our web site. We now have both a summary schedule and detailed program available there!

Can’t wait to see you in Gorham!

Missed the deadline to present at TESOL? Apply in the Electronic Village!

TESOL 2017
March 21-24, 2017
Seattle, Washington, USA
Electronic Village Special Events:
Call for Proposals
Deadline for Submissions: November 15, 2016

You are invited to submit a proposal for participation in the CALL Interest Section’s Electronic Village (EV) Special Events. More than one proposal from the same individual may be accepted based upon space availability.

Proposals are being accepted in one of the 7 following events:

1. EV Technology Fairs     http://call-is.org/ev/#fairs

  • Presentation Time: 50 minutes total
  • Format: Presenters demonstrate their technology applications in two consecutive 25-minute sessions on one computer station in a presentation format similar to a poster session. After 25 minutes, the session is repeated. Participants attend sessions of their choosing and drop in and out of demonstrations. Demonstrations are informal and preclude highly structured presentations.
  • Event Summary: In the Technology Fairs, teachers or teacher-developers share their use of technology-based and/or Internet-based resources. These resources can be software; Web sites; Mobile devices  or other hardware. Demonstrations may highlight student projects, activities, or curriculum created for students or educators.
  • Proposal Information: 50-word summary for program book and a 100-word abstract

2. Mini-workshops     http://call-is.org/ev/#workshops

  • Presentation Time: 90 minutes
  • Format: After a brief demonstration, presenters guide participants in “hands-on” practice. Space is limited to 20 participants. Workshop duration is 90 minutes.
  • Event Summary: Presenters provide experience in adaptation of software and/or hardware for CALL purposes and create products for teaching and learning in a meaningful context relevant for each individual participant. Facilitators provide subject mater expertise and guidance.
  • Proposal Information: 50-word summary for program book and a 100-word abstract

3. Developers’ Showcase     http://call-is.org/ev/#showcase

  • Presentation Time: 8-12 minutes of presentation plus 5 minutes of question-and-answer time
  • Format: Presenters have 8 to 12 minutes to demonstrate and/or operate their software and explain its features and applications. A question-and-answer session follows each presentation.
  • Event Summary: The Developers’ Showcase features a variety of unique computer programs and websites specifically designed for English language learning and addresses a variety of skills and strategies ranging from speaking and listening practice to lesson planning and administrative matters.  This event only accepts proposals that are non-commercial and presents original work by the presenter. Unique features, functions, and content are required. Uses of existing software will not be accepted. All submissions must be original work by the presenter and be fully functioning.
  • Proposal Information: 50-word summary for program book and a 200-word abstract

4. Mobile Apps for Education Showcase     http://call-is.org/ev/#mobile

  • Presentation Time: 8-12 minutes of presentation plus 5 minutes of question-and-answer time
  • Format: In a “lecture” format, presenters will have approximately ten minutes to demonstrate their “off the rack” application and explain its uses for ESOL classrooms. A question-and-answer session follows each presentation.
  • Event Summary: Foursquare? Twitterific? Yelp? Evernote? Mobile apps turn any handheld device into a language learning tool. Which ones are good for the classroom and how can we best use them? Educational uses of these programs will be demonstrated in the Technology Showcase room.
  • Proposal Information: 50-word summary for program book and a 100-word abstract

5. Classroom of the Future     http://call-is.org/ev/#classroom

  • Presentation Time: Sessions will be either 20 or 45 minutes long
  • Format: The format for the Classroom of the Future is varied. Presentations will be either 20 minutes or 45 minutes in length. Presentations should give attendees a glimpse into the future of classroom technology for both traditional and non-traditional settings. The sessions should make every effort to include interactivity, giving attendees opportunities to participate and sample the technology.
  • Event Summary: The Classroom of the Future is a special TESOL initiative started in 2013. The Classroom will be located in the Exhibition Hall and will include a showcase of the future of classroom design, technology, and pedagogy. The sessions may reflect what might be already happening in classrooms across the globe, but have not gone mainstream yet. However, proposals that focus on what might be happening for ELT teaching 5 or 10 years from now are highly encouraged.
  • Proposal Information: 50-word summary for program book and a 200-word abstract

6. Hot Topics     http://call-is.org/ev/#hot_topics

  • Presentation Time: 10-20 minutes presentation time plus 10 minutes at very end for questions
  • Format: Presenters will have 10-20 minutes to share their research (time is dependent on how many presenters are assigned to a panel). Panels will include 3-5 presenters. A short question and answer session will follow after all presenters on a panel have shared their research.
  • Event Summary: Hot Topics panels cover topics that are current in the field of CALL. Panelists will share research around a common theme with discussion time left at the end of the panel.
  • Proposal Information: 50-word summary for program book and a 200-word abstract

7. On the Cutting Edge: Graduate Student Research Panels     http://call-is.org/ev/#graduate

  • Presentation Time: 15-20 minutes presentation time plus time at very end for questions
  • Format: Presenters will have 15-20 minutes to share their research. Presenters will be grouped into threes to form a panel. A short question and answer session will follow after all presenters on a panel have shared their research.
  • Event Summary: New this year, these graduate student research panels provide graduate students with the opportunity to showcase their research.  Participates will be grouped into similar themes for the panels.
  • Proposal Information: 50-word summary for program book and a 200-word abstract
Stephanie Korslund
Past Chair, CALL IS – TESOL
Director, Language Studies Resource Center
Department of World Languages and Cultures
3102G Pearson Hall
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011
(515) 294-4105

The Grading Playlist

piano-keys-1090984__180Stephanie N. Brown

How many hours do you spend grading each night? Each week? Each semester? Honestly, I didn’t think I could ever keep track of how much, and how often I grade student work. Sometimes it feels like I am caught in an endless loop of grading. One trick I have to grading is to create a special grading playlist. I do this for a few different reasons. A playlist of good songs can be motivational, and this is important when grading seems to take forever. It also helps to keep track of the amount of time spent grading. Grading is not the biggest part of teaching, and therefore it can’t take all of our energy. Keeping track of my time grading prevents me from taking time out of my personal life (as many teachers experience).Lastly, I personally do well with a routine and having specific songs helps me to create a grading routine.

My playlist is music for two full hours. Grading for more than two hours seems to be too much for me mentally and physically. My playlist is rather upbeat to keep me motivated, and I tend to have songs with few lyrics (or lyrics in a different language). For me, lyrics can be distracting and I find myself wanting to sing along and not grade papers. Also, I have woven in a few slow songs that help me signal when I can take a tea or coffee break. I generally like a break every 30-45 minutes. Having signal songs helps me to maintain this routine and not take extra Facebook or texting breaks.

I find Spotify to be a great resource for playlist making. I can make playlists with any song (even if I don’t own the song). You can also pay for usage of Spotify and sync playlists to all devices. This means that I have my grading playlist no matter where I am working (home, a cafe, or work).

Here are my top few grading songs…. Enjoy and happy grading!

Songs: Jekyll & Hyde

Artist/Band: Marcus Miller

Album: Renaissance

Song: Akhar Zaman (This Moment)

Artist/Band: Bombino

Album: Azel

Song: Heretics

Artist/Band: Andrew Bird

Album: Armchair Apocrypha

Song: Happiness

Artist/Bands: Built to Spill

Album: Ancient Melodies of the Future

TESOL Awards & Grants Deadline

TESOL is now accepting applications for several different awards and grants. Awards for excellence and service, a teaching materials grant, and funding for TESOL 2017 in Seattle, Washington, USA are available. Applications must be received by 1 November 2016. Apply today!

2016 Conference, Coming Up!

A Message from Northern New England TESOL:

Keynote Speaker Margarita Calderon

Our keynote speaker is Margarita Calderón!

Hello, everyone! Our next conference is in Gorham, Maine, and we’ve got some great speakers in store, including our keynote, Margarita Calderon, and Terri Mosgrove, a WIDA trainer straight from Wisconsin, set to tell us all about updates we can expect in WIDA 2.0.

We have more sessions than ever before, and we’re testing out shorter sessions to let you get even MORE opportunities to learn.

If you’ve already signed up to come, thank you! If you’ve not, consider coming. General admission tickets are available until Oct. 22. You can find information on our website, at http://www.nnetesol.org/annualconference/2016-conference/

We hope you can come and look forward to another full Saturday of workshops and networking.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Beth Evans, NNETESOL president-elect

Vermont TESOL Report

By Sarah Forbes, NNETESOL Vermont Representative, September 2016

Vermont has had a busy year when it comes to educating and advocating for ELLs, refugees and international students. This report will highlight some of the news and programs around our Green Mountain State. If you would like to have your local news and events included next time, please contact one of the NNETESOL representatives in your state and share.

First, some news of great programs happening around the state to assist ELLs in their language development. Hannah Barden of Union Elementary School in Montpelier shares the following regarding ELL summer programs:

ELL students at Union Elementary School practiced their English skills, explored their community, and learned basic programming skills this summer.  Teachers Jill Closter, Susan Koch, and Hannah Barden offered students in grades 1 – 6 a four week expedition-based program, which included a tour of the Emergency Department at CVMC, a visit to the Vermont History Museum, a demonstration of gelato making, and many opportunities to enjoy our city’s green spaces.

A chance meeting with the mayor!

A chance meeting with the mayor!

Enjoying the park

Enjoying the park

Learning how gelato is made

Learning how gelato is made








At the Visitors' Center

At the Visitors’ Center









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Volunteer for TESOL!

TESOL International Association is currently seeking TESOL members to serve as award reviewers for 2017. Volunteering for this service enables you to use your expertise and experience to help evaluate award applicants, an integral part of the award selection process.


For more information, please click the link below. Applications are due by Saturday, 1 October 2016.



2016 Conference Places to Stay

motel-690551__340Need a place to stay for the conference? Check out our list of hotels near Gorham. We do have a small block of rooms set aside at the Ramada Plaza. More info on our Places to Stay site.

NNETESOL Conference Prices

ticket-576228__340Going to the NNETESOL 2016 conference in Gorham, Maine? A reminder that early bird pricing ends at noon tomorrow, Saturday September 24th, 2016!

At that time, prices will go up by $10 for students and regular attendees. So get your tickets now and save ten bucks!

NNETESOL Annual Conference Schedule

14022210_1079749178761807_3098381108377639326_nOur first draft schedule with session topics is here! Visit the 2016 Schedule page on our web site for your first look! And don’t forget to check back again as the conference draws nearer  – things will likely change at least a tiny bit.


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