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After the Conference…

Our sincerest thanks to all of you who helped make the 2015 Fall Conference a success!

joyful-621115_1920It was so wonderful to have the opportunity to meet other like-minded people who are facing the same challenges that we face daily.

Sharing ideas is what makes us stronger. It is the reason our organization exists.

Putting on a conference, particularly because our venue changes each year, is an incredibly complicated. Sometimes things go incredibly smoothly, but other times there are issues that go unnoticed. And we’d like to hear both your kudos and criticism.

Attendees, please check your email to find the survey so we can use your feedback to make next year’s conference better.

And email us if you would like to be involved in a bigger way. We’d like to reach out more to our members and try to promote collegiality within geographic boundaries as well as help connect people teaching at the same level.

And if you’d just like to help out with the conference, or help to orchestrate a smaller affair, let us know.

Stay in contact.

We’d like to get to know you better!

Prices going up soon…

Eventbrite - 2015 NNETESOL Fall Conference--UNH


Prices for NNETESOL’s fall conference will go up shortly. On October 25, prices will jump to on-site pricing.

The reason for this is that we need to give our hosts rough numbers of how many people we will be expecting, so they can have enough support for us.

So if you’ve not gotten your tickets, get them now before prices go up.

Need more info? Look here for the conference lineup!

Conference Tickets!

Eventbrite - 2015 NNETESOL Fall Conference--UNH

Hey, all.

A question has come up about ticket prices… Here’s the skinny:

EARLY BIRD UNTIL SEPT. 25:  Early bird prices are available now.

  • Students: $45
  • General admission: $60

SEPT. 26-OCT. 23: Regular ticket prices go into effect.

  • Students: $55
  • General admission: $70

OCT. 24-NOV. 7: On-Site prices.

  • Students: $60
  • General admission: $80

Why On-Site pricing? When we plan a conference, we have to give approximate numbers to the hosting institution. When people register late, we are less able to plan for space, for food, for all the other miscellaneous things that go with a conference (name tags, swag, etc.)

Moral of the story: Buy your tickets early!

I’ve been asked whether there are scholarships to the conference, or whether we have group rates. Our board has decided that for a one-day conference that includes a continental breakfast and lunch, we are providing quite a deal. Here’s where our money goes:

  • Invited speakers’ hotel and travel expenses, as well as a small honorarium.
  • Grants we give each year to teachers and pre-service teachers taking classes.
  • Travel expenses for board members, who are putting in countless hours planning the conference, maintaining the website, reaching out to members like you, and many other jobs too numerous to mention.

Sometimes we try to give breaks to students attending the hosting institution. But that is determined by our estimated costs.

If you compare the cost of our conference with others, you’ll find out that we are a good deal. And we provide 6 CEUs. And you get a great opportunity to commune with colleagues facing the same issues you are facing.

So what are you waiting for?

Come join us!




Need Money?

Sponsored by TESOL, the Tina B. Carver Fund provides grants for the purchase of student classroom learning materials and/or teacher-related materials (for example, ancillary materials that can be used in conjunction with textbooks or other instructional materials). A TESOL member, or member of a TESOL affiliate, may submit an application on behalf of a community-based organization, charitable institution, or other nonprofit in the United States that carries 501(c)(3) status and provides ESL programming for adults. Grants will primarily serve the hardest-to-reach students with limited resources (such as beginning literacy for intermediate to low ESL students).

Deadlines: September 30, January 31, and May 31, annually

Click Here for More Information.

Up and running…

We are finally ready to start taking orders for our fall conference!

So check those calendars and free up the weekend of November 7. Our keynote speaker will be Dr. Danling Fu, a native of China who immigrated to the United States.

You can find more information about the conference, including the day’s schedule, at this link.

We’ve got lots of good things in store, so click the button below and make plans to join us!

Eventbrite - 2015 NNETESOL Fall Conference--UNH


If you’re needing to spend the night, we’ve got links for that too. So come join us for some great professional development! We look forward to meeting you in New Hampshire!

And if you’re a publisher, we’d love to see you there too. Click the link below, and join us on November 7!


Eventbrite - 2015 NNETESOL Fall Conference @ UNH--Publishers' site

Language, Culture and Identity!

PORTLAND – The Multicultural and Multilingual Center of Portland Public Schools announces a regional conference, Language, Culture, and Identity, to be heldon Thursday, October 22, 2015at the University of Southern Maine, Portland. The conference is designed for educators, administrators, service providers and other individuals interested in the language acquisition, academic achievement, and socio-cultural and emotional well-being of English learners.

The full-day conference features a keynote speaker, Catherine Collier, nationally recognized expert on diverse learners with learning and behavior needs. There will be three strands of concurrent workshop sessions, including a follow-up session with Dr. Collier and several sessions devoted to the theme of the keynote. Teachers and service providers of English learners can follow a strand or mix and match according to interest.  Continental breakfast and lunch buffet are included.  Parking is convenient and free.

For more information, visit


TESOL Free Seminars!

As the school year approaches, do you find yourself just itching for some professional development concerning English Language Learners?

TESOL may just have the answer. Attend a virtual seminar! It’s free. And it’s open to everyone, member or no.

 Blackboard, Adult Education, Leave, Know

From the website:

TESOL virtual seminars are 90- to 120-minute Webcasts focused on key issues in ESL and EFL. The seminars are easy to access online from your home or office, as a live event or using the playback feature, when it fits your schedule. You can also extend peer-to-peer learning by bringing together ELT professionals in your school or area for the seminar at no extra charge (registration is on a per site basis).

Upcoming Virtual Seminars

– See more at:


What Irks You at Work? Can TESOL help?

From Amy Pascucci – TESOL EIC Chair:

Checklist, Lists, Business, FormTo streamline communications and enhance efficiency, the TESOL International Association is refining its organizational structure. As part of this restructuring, the Employment Issues Standing Committee (EIC) has been asked to provide advice to the TESOL Board of Directors on how best to continue addressing work-related issues of English language teachers worldwide, including those of Nonnative English Speaking Teachers.

To provide the best information possible to the Board, the EIC is sending out a survey of TESOL members. This survey will have two primary goals: first, to better understand ESL and EFL teachers needs throughout the world, and second, to gather input on how TESOL as an organization can continue to address these needs under the new administrative structure.

We in the EIC hope you will take a few minutes to complete this important survey. The survey will remain open until August 15.  If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please email EIC chair Amy Pascucci at


Happy birthday, TESOL!

Birthday, Rainbow, GreetingNext year TESOL International Association will celebrate its 50th birthday! The association has lots of activities planned for the yearlong 50th anniversary celebration in 2016. Here are some ways you can participate.


4 ways TESOL professionals can contribute to the celebration prep:

  • Submit nominations for the TESOL 50 at 50, a list of 50  people who have made a significant contribution to the TESOL profession within the past 50 years
  • Submit nominations for the TESOL 30 Up and Coming, a list of 30 people who represent the next generation in research, teaching, publishing, and leadership. These emerging leaders will shape the future of both the association and the profession for years to come.
  • Submit a TESOL Success Story, a brief story that recognizes a teacher or student who made an impact or against all odds, is thriving as a second language learner. Selected stories will be featured in TESOL Connections, English Language Bulletin, and other online publications in 2016.
  • Submit a TESOL Milestone on the Interactive Timeline


The submission deadline for the 50 at 50 and 30 Up and Coming lists is 21 August 2015. The complete lists will be announced in January 2016. The milestone and success story submissions are ongoing throughout the year.


For more information on the planned activities, please contact Barry Pilson(


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