2018 NNETESOL Conference

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Date: November 3, 2018

Location: University of New Hampshire, Durham Campus,  Hamilton-Smith Building







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Event Speaker:

Raichle ‘Rai’ Farrelly

Assistant Professor

Department of Applied Linguistics

St. Michael’s College


Raichle Farrelly is an Assistant Professor in the Applied Linguistics Department at St. Michael’s College in Vermont, USA. She earned her Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Utah. For several years she taught English as an additional language (EAL) to international students in an Academic English Language Program.  For the past decade, she has been teaching community-based EAL courses for adult refugee-background and immigrant populations. She recently worked as an Assistant Professor in the MA TEFL Program at the American University of Armenia. Her professional interests include second language teacher education, reflective teaching, curriculum design, internationalization of higher education, and second language acquisition by adult emergent readers. She has presented extensively on a range of pedagogical topics at national and international conferences. She has published work in peer-reviewed journals and co-authored the book Fostering International Student Success. She is the co-editor of a new book, Educating Refugee Background Students: Critical Issues and Dynamic Contexts, which is being published by Multilingual Matters in 2018.


Implementing a Growth Mindset with Students as a Tool for Teacher Development


Implementing a growth mindset to foster learner success not only cultivates a sense of determination and resilience (e.g., grit) among our students, but it teaches us something about ourselves. In this talk, we’ll consider how taking on a growth mindset with our students will help us grow as teachers. 


Designing and Implementing Inquiry-based, Teacher-Led Professional Development


This workshop introduces a teacher-led professional development program for TESOL educators who are seeking to come together in a community of practice with others. The presenter introduces a facilitator’s guide, which includes procedures, readings, discussion questions, and teachers’ tasks. Participants will be prepared to implement the study circle and adapt it for their unique contexts.



Teacher learning is a reflection of the process that takes place when teachers are developing their beliefs, attitudes, sense of self, and various types of knowledge (Johnson & Golombek, 2002). Teacher learning involves the sense-making that teachers employ when mapping their knowledge to their practice. Teacher learning is not a process that ends with the culmination of a teacher education program or training session but is an on-going endeavor that spans the length of a teacher’s career.

For many English language teachers, opportunities to reflect on practice with colleagues are infrequent. The ensuing sense of isolation can result in teachers losing motivation or the desire to innovate. One promising approach to professional development (PD) for teachers is to engage in ongoing, teacher-directed PD with peers who are grappling with similar issues (e.g., Vinogradov, 2012). Johnson (2009) promotes an inquiry-based approach to PD that gives teachers the chance to interact with both theory and practice. Inquiry-based PD creates opportunities for teachers to examine their teaching and learning experiences, promoting a deeper understanding of practice (Richards & Farrell, 2005).

This workshop presents a PD program that participants can adapt and implement in their respective contexts. After describing the three guiding inquiry-based approaches for the PD program (i.e., study circle, lesson study, and peer coaching), participants will be involved in discussions about the potential impact on stakeholders and the feasibility of implementation in various contexts. Attendees will receive a link to existing study circle facilitator guides, which include procedures for meetings, readings, discussion questions, and tasks.

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