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 Bylaws – Table of Contents

 A. Responsibilities of Officers

1. President
2. President-Elect
3. Past President
4. Secretary
5. Treasurer
6. Publishers’ Liaison
7. Webmaster
8. Veteran Member-at-Large
9. Regional Representatives

B. Executive Board

C. Quorums

D. Committees

1. Nominating Committee
2. Other Committees

E. Disbursement of Funds

F. Relation to TESOL, Inc.

G. Netiquette Guidelines




A. Responsibilities of Officers:

1. President – The President shall preside at all Executive Board and Business meetings.  In his/her absence, the President-Elect and Secretary shall assume duties of the President successively.  The responsibilities of the President include: notifying the Executive Board members of meetings; recommending candidates for offices; providing leadership in assessing and meeting the needs of the association; working closely with the President Elect on the annual conference; preparing a written annual report of the activities of the association and presenting said report at the annual meeting; and is responsible for recording and announcing the results of all votes casted by the Executive Board.  The President shall appoint such committees as the Executive Board deems necessary.  

2. President-Elect – As successor the President, the President-Elect shall undertake such responsibilities as the President or the Executive Board may delegate.  The President-Elect is responsible for the following: delegating the planning, preparing, promoting, implementing, and evaluation of the annual conference; and reporting on the progress of the annual conference.  The President-Elect shall preside over meetings in the absence of the President.

3. Past President – The Past President shall serve as the TESOL, Inc. affiliate representative, who will inform TESOL, Inc. of news, activities, conferences and projects of NNETESOL and act as the liaison between TESOL, INC. and NNETESOL.  Responsibilities of the Past President are to assist and advise the President as well as serve as the chair on the Nominating Committee.

4. Secretary – The Secretary is responsible for recording, retaining and disseminating the minutes of all meetings; keeping records of the association, including all official documents and correspondence; shall handle official correspondence as delegated by the President.  Along with the President-Elect will preside over meetings in the absence of the President.

5. Treasurer – The treasurer shall be responsible for recording, maintaining, monitoring and conducting the financial business of the association; and presents a financial report at each Executive Board meeting and the annual business meeting.  Other written budget reports may be required as directed by the President or Executive Board.

6. Publishers’ Liaison – The Publishers’ Liaison is responsible for inviting representatives of regional and national publishing companies that make books, CDs, and other teaching resources for English language learners to display their materials at our conference(s).  The Publishers’ Liaison is also responsible for asking higher education institutions to display information about their teaching programs in ESOL.  The Publishers’ Liaison also has the duties of contacting publishers and higher education representatives by e-mail and/or phone; answering conference questions; acting as liaison for them with the conference site coordinator; assisting them the day of the conference with set-up; collecting materials from them for the raffle; thanking them for participation, and notifying them of future conferences.

7. Webmaster – The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining accurate and updated web presence, distributing email sent to the NNETESOL mailbox, maintaining online registration for conferences through EventBrite, and maintaining and distributing current membership lists to board members.  The Webmaster must also make sure the domain and web hosting are paid through the treasurer.  With the assistance of state representatives, the Webmaster will also help with disseminating information through the site to advertise state conferences.

8. Veteran Member-at-Large: Open to those who have previously served on the NNETESOL Board. This individual will be recruited and nominated by the President and President-Elect. The Veteran Member-at-Large is responsible for duties assigned to them by the President and President-Elect that do not conflict with the duties and assigned responsibilities of existing board members.

9. Regional Representatives – The Regional Representatives are responsible for ensuring communication with the members in each state respectively, and are to serve as liaison between respective state members and the association.  Regional Representatives are charged with promoting membership in their states and presenting a collaboratively written state report to the Executive Board at each board meeting.  They are charged with helping the association to better serve the members in their state.  They are also responsible for organizing and presenting a spring gathering in their respective states, with the assistance of other board members residing in their state and volunteers from the membership list.   

B. Executive Board:
The Executive Board shall be responsible for conducting the business of NNETESOL under policy and procedures contained in the constitution and bylaws.  The membership of the Executive Board is defined as outlined in the constitution.  The Executive Board responsibilities include attending and participating in quarterly Executive Board meetings; and planning and arrangements for the annual tri-state conference.

C. Quorums:
Six (6) members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum.  For mail ballots, seven (7) votes positive or negative shall be required for binding action on a motion.  Minutes of the Executive Board and record of its actions shall be kept by the Secretary and made available for inspection by the membership. Members present at the annual business meeting shall constitute a quorum.

D. Committees:
1. Nominating Committee – The Nominating Committee shall serve as defined in the constitution and governed by the procedures stated therein.

2. Other Committees – Upon the recommendation of the President, other committees may be formed with a consensus of the Executive Board.

E. Disbursement of Funds:
The President and/or the Treasurer must disburse all monies with notification to the Executive Board.  Accounting of all expenditures will be kept and the record will be reported to the Executive Board and to the membership at the annual business meeting.

F. Relation to TESOL, Inc.:
NNETESOL shall initiate and maintain affiliation with international TESOL.  NNETESOL will provide appropriate fees, records, communication and documentation to international TESOL.

G. Netiquette Guidelines
When composing basic topics for email, you should think twice about whether or not the content of your email is appropriate for virtual correspondence. Once you hit send, anyone might be able to read it. When you are sending attachments please include the filename, format, and program version. Please consider using rich text format (rtf) or pdf for compatibility. Please try to keep the email brief, one screen page length is plenty, and check for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors before clicking Send. We live hurried lives but we want to properly represent our institutions, schools, and places of work. Write in a positive tone and avoid using negative words or “flames.”  Don’t bring up any topic that will require continuous conversation on the distribution list unless warranted; this should be done privately or through a phone call.  If a “flame” does occur there is a large risk for misunderstanding and hurt feelings; it’s best to talk face-to-face or on the telephone. Cooler heads prevail. Best advice, wait 24 hours before responding to an email that you feel passionately about and have a colleague or friend read it first before sending it out on a distribution list, or hitting Reply. *These guidelines were adapted from:

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