2021 NNETESOL Call for Proposals ENDED


order Lyrica online The CALL FOR PROPOSALS ENDED

Fall 2021 Conference: Social Justice and Anti-Racist Pedagogy
Saturday, November 6, 2021
Fully Virtual Conference on ZOOM*

Presentations relating to our conference theme and TOPICS OF INTEREST to our audience include, but are not limited to: anti-racist teaching, teacher identity and reflection, representation in textbooks and fiction, Eurocentric pedagogies and assessments, multilingualism, heritage languages, equity pedagogy, trauma-informed practice, refugee concerns, immigration policy as it pertains to our students, critical pedagogies, and intersectionality.

Other topics will be considered including: K-12 education, young learners, teaching ELL adults, SLIFE/SIFE, higher education and academic English, literacy, multi-literacies, teacher training, L2 teacher & learner identity, content-based instruction, asset-based instruction, co-teaching, project-based learning, technology in English teaching, approaches to assessment, motivational strategies and more!

Here are some tips for writing a successful proposal:

* Preference will be given to topics relating to our conference theme.
* Think of your target audience, they are all in the ELL field, provide a brief overview and then dive right in!
* Include ideas or activities in your proposal that teachers can immediately put to use in their classrooms.
* Integrate possible classroom applications if your proposal is more of a conceptual/theoretical presentation.
* Address the wide age group that ELL teachers work with in the classrooms.
* Provide handouts for the presentation or an email address to contact the presenter.
* Allow time in the presentation for a debrief/reflection period if there is a group activity.

Here is a link with more information about the proposal requirements: http://www.nnetesol.org/annualconference/presentation-proposal-guidelines-information/

Here is a link to the rubric used to judge proposals: http://www.nnetesol.org/proposal-evaluation-criteria-rubric/