The results are in! A classroom Practice

By Jenny Huang-Dales

A few days ago I asked some kids if they knew what was happening in the US that day (in Jhubei, Taiwan). Many knew there was a presidential election and some could even name the two most popular candidates. They asked who I supported in the election and I explained that I voted for someone they’d never heard of as my first choice and one of the two main candidates as my second choice. Some kids were audibly surprised that I could vote for more than one candidate. So I explained Ranked Choice Voting, which the state of Maine now uses for many elected offices. 

I asked the students if they were to choose one pet for their class what would they choose? I put up five candidates: fish, hamster, mouse, spider and tiger. Then the voting began. For the sake of comparison we voted the traditional way, where the one who gets the most votes wins, even though they may not reach 50%, and then voted again using the ranked choice system. Hamsters turned out to be the most popular pet. So we won’t be bringing a tiger to school after all.

A video explaining Ranked Choice Voting:

*TSAI ING-WEN President of the Republic of China She has been president since 2016.