Apply for NNETESOL Board Member Positions!

We are still looking to fill a few voluntary board positions in the coming 2020 term. Please consider applying for the following positions. Descriptions are provided for each role from the NNETESOL Bylaws

State Representatives (1 Maine & 1 New Hampshire needed): The State Representatives, two from each state, shall serve as liaison between respective state members and the association.  The responsibilities of State Representatives include the following: compile and present a collaboratively written report of statewide events, news, and resources relevant to the membership at least twice a year; help scout annual tri-state conference locations when the conference is to be hosted in their state; assist with the annual tri-state conference (e.g. vet proposals, create signs, distribute signs, man registration desk); and organize a spring gathering to connect local members in their respective state, with the help of other respective state board members. 

Apply for one of these State Rep positions using this Google Form: