NNETESOL Board Member Spotlight: Sumeyra Gok

For next few weeks, we would like to showcase some our new members on the board. First up is Sumeyra Gok, our new co-webmaster.

Sumeyra Gok is a doctoral student at University of New Hampshire. She is currently working towards getting her degree in Curriculum and Instruction/Teacher Education with an interest in TESOL. After receiving her B.A. in Turkey, she started to work at an English language institute there before moving to the United States in 2015 to pursue a graduate degree. During her M.Ed. program, she started to volunteer at public schools in Worcester, MA and then became a high school ESL teacher there. Currently, she is a full time Ph.D. student, working as a graduate assistant which allows her to visit schools and work with English learners in Manchester, NH. Her research interests include transnational identity, translanguaging, and preparing pre-service teachers for multilingual learners.

You can check out our other board members on our Executive Board page on our website.

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