LAST CHANCE: Enter to Win $50 for Completing a Short NNETESOL Conference Survey

Dear NNETESOL Members,

We have recently completed our first online board meeting of 2019. In this meeting, we reviewed all of your feedback from the 2018 conference. Thank you for completing our post-conference survey and for all of your productive comments. The responses were overwhelmingly positive.

The members of the NNETESOL Board are starting to discuss the future direction and focus of our organization. We want to make sure we are fulfilling our mission of promoting communication and providing mutual support among professionals working with English Language Learners (ELL). NNETESOL strives to provide opportunities for professional growth, to disseminate information on current research related to the field, and to communicate and cooperate as appropriate with groups having similar concerns and interests.  Our greatest work revolves around the organization of our annual conference and the maintenance of our website, which we hope meet the professional development needs of our members. The conferences provides ELL professionals with the opportunity to network with colleagues and visit with publishers. In addition to the annual conference, we aim to hold spring gatherings for members in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, and we offer grants to support research, continued education, graduate student attendance at our conference, and classroom teacher awards.

From your conference feedback, it seems clear that the conference does provide a tremendous opportunity for members in the area to congregate, collaborate, and support each other. Many of you delighted in the conference location this past year at UNH. We all enjoyed the updated, open and high-tech facility. It also allowed us to take on more publishers. As we look to the future, we want to continue to offer you a high quality conferences, ongoing professional development opportunities, and grants. However, as a nonprofit with a reasonable registration fee, and no other streams of income, we need to carefully consider our next steps. In order to do so with you in mind, we are asking if you would kindly complete this survey to help us inform our decision making process. Upon completion of the survey by Wednesday, February 6th, your email will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card!

If you would prefer to directly email us comments, questions, or ideas, please do so at

Thank you for your continued support!


Sarah A. Forbes

2019 NNETESOL President