The NNETESOL Board is currently working on compiling a history of the Board. Please check back for updates!

President History:

This is the list of Presidents that we have so far…

2000-01   Jeanette Ruffle
2001-02   Margaret Murphy
2002-03   Maddy Miller
2003-04   Rosemary Orlando
2004-05   Polly Howlett
2005(02)-06   Linda Walsleben
2006-07   Linda Ward
2007-08   Ruth Dater
2008-09   John Halliwell
2009-10   Beth Evans
2010-11   Linda Evans
2010-11   Shelly Chasse-Johndro
2011-12   James Whiting
2012-13   Kirsten Kollgaard
2013-14   Farrah Taylor Giroux
2014-15   Anne Wright Shank
2015-16   Cynthia Reyes
2016-17   Beth Evans

Current President: 2017-18   Stephanie Marcotte

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