Going to TESOL in Chicago? Put your 2 cents in!

Have an idea for a hot-topic dialogue for the annual convention but missed the proposal deadline?

Want to explore an important development in your area of TESOL with others?


Interested in a space in the convention center to have an informal discussion or a planning meeting for ongoing projects?


Consider scheduling a networking session for TESOL 2018.
Sign up on the online form.
Round One Deadline:

30 August 2017 (Session will appear in the print program.)


Round Two Deadline:

01 February 2018 (Session will appear on a special program flyer and in the online app.)

Networking sessions for the convention in Chicago will be held in the Exhibition Hall. The space will include approximately 20 round tables, each able to accommodate 8-10 people. There will be wifi, and easel-pad-marker sets will be available for planning and brainstorming purposes. The space can be used for planning for 2018-2019 projects; for open sessions on pressing issues and broad, engaging topics that may not have adequate coverage in the program; and more.  All are invited to schedule a session, so please share this opportunity with others in your TESOL group that may be interested in participating.

There will be a second call in January for networking session requests, and there will also be open slots for crowd-sourcing.  But — If you schedule a session by 30 August, your networking session will appear in both the printed and online program.

If you have any questions or any difficulty accessing the form, please contact Margi Wald at tesolnetworking@gmail.com.

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