Teach Adults? Here’s a Chance for More Connections

Hey, all. I just got this in my inbox. I thought I’d pass it along!
The LESLLA (Literacy Education and Second Language Learning for Adults) professional organization is formalizing.  As many of us work with literacy students, I highly recommend you start to become familiar with this organization (please note that the website does not yet reflect the recent change in the name, but that the upcoming symposium does).  If you work with LESLLA learners, please take a few minutes to review the proposed constitution. Your input is very important!


Dear all,

The working group formed at LESLLA 2015 has toiled over the last two years to reach this point, and now it’s time for all potential members to have their say. Please, please, please circulate the far and wide (1) the attached constitution draft and (2) the link below to a survey with six questions, the first of which is what you think of the constitution.

It’s very important for LESLLA that this reaches those who work with LESLLA learners in as many countries as possible. Feel free to translate this email and anything else into other languages.

All responses received by the start of the annual conference in Portland on 10 August will be considered.

Thanks so much in advance!

Best wishes,

Martha Young-Scholten and the name, mission statement and constitution working group


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