Summer Courses (for credit!) at Marlboro College

Marlboro College Graduate & Professional Studies is offering the following courses this summer for graduate credit at our campus in Marlboro, VT. Registration is open now – May 12.
Visit Marlboro’s Continuing Education Page or email Kara for more information


Students will analyze basic concepts and patterns of language in areas of phonology, lexicon, morphology, and syntax. Students will develop lesson plans and explore pedagogical implications that affect implementation. Guiding questions include: How can I understand the form, meaning and use of language and how can I design learning experiences that help students understand?


Students will begin to examine the nature of culture through exploring the Cultural Knowings Framework: knowing about (description), knowing why (interpretation), knowing oneself (response). The model will be explored through the examination of the student’s culture and a target culture represented by the teaching context. Guiding questions will include: What do I need to learn about the culture of my teaching context? How will I learn to the culture of my students? How will I address culture as I teach language?


Students will develop a personal approach to teaching through examination and integration of past and present learning and teaching experiences in a variety of contexts. Study of teaching/learning processes and various approaches to language teaching will be explored. Guiding questions: What are the methods, techniques and tools teachers use to teach language? What are the guiding principles that guide their work?


This course considers processes, stages, strategies, and styles of language development as well as personal, psychological, sociocultural, biological, and linguistic factors that influence language development. Students will explore the following questions: Are my students learning? How do I know? What theories, concepts, and practices from the literature help me understand or interpret my students’ learning? How can I teach in such a way that learning is at the center of my work?

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