TESOL Blogs: Newcomers Learn About School

One of our Vermont State Representatives, Sarah Forbes, has posted a lively and informative piece on her TESOL blog. Here is an excerpt from the post:


“Recently, my first graders went on a school scavenger hunt. I have frequently used this activity as a newcomer orientation to the school and it’s always met with great enthusiasm. Students feel very official wandering the halls with their clipboards in hand and pencils ready to check off the boxes of the places they see. This year, we first read Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes to introduce school places. All the first graders love Pete the Cat and we also use I Love My White Shoes to learn color words. In the book, there are clues that hint at which location Pete will visit and students have to guess where he is going next. This was a perfect connection to the scavenger hunt….”


Click the link to read more!


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