Prayer Walk in Support of Refugees and Immigrants, Manchester, NH

On March 21st at 5:00 p.m. the Greater Manchester Clergy Association and the Granite State Organizing Project are hosting a procession in support of immigrants and refugees. The procession will begin at Grace Episcopal Church with a welcome and prayers. We will process to the Plaza outside of City Hall where the sacred texts of our faith communities, which speak of welcoming and justice for the sojourners, refugees and immigrants among, us will be read.

The procession comes as a response to the letter shared by the Manchester Clergy and the Granite State Organizing Project in November 2016,

“Deeply aware not just of our own immigrant stories and roots, but also of the clear biblical imperative to care for the stranger in our midst, to offer food, shelter, and care to those in need, and that there is no religious tradition which justifies sending children and refugees to their deaths, we invite our community to join us in prayerful study and active consideration of how we can best respond to this crisis and address the needs of those seeking our aid.”

The intention of the procession is to show that we are walking together to build a community that is open and welcoming to all people, regardless of their faith or ethnicity. People are invited to wear the clothing of their country of origin, and clergy of all faiths are invited to wear their vestments. Please join us in showing support for a very vulnerable population.

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