Need a membership to TESOL?


As a volunteer board members, our lives get busy. And then there’s the issue of being spread across three states… Getting our act together isn’t always easy.

Just look at that area that our group covers! What a crazy large piece of real estate!

So there’s something we’d like to tell you that we’ve been meaning to. But the “how has always been an issue of debate. So I’m just putting it out there.

Our group is an affiliate of TESOL. We stand as an autonomous organization, but we all stand for the same thing: excellence in the research and teaching of English. We benefit from the international organization in so many ways. They provide professional development, offer opportunities to We commit to send someone to the international conference at least every two years. And in just a couple of weeks, it will happen again. “Big TESOL” is will take place in Seattle.

Are you going? I’d love to have coffee or something.  But even more pressing is if you are still working out the details of going and you’ve never gone before. And you’ve never been a member. Or even if you’re not going, but you’d like to get a little more involved. This blog post is for you!

TESOL has given each affiliate seven memberships to give away. And maybe, even if you’re not going to the conference, this could be an opportunity for you.

Why would you want to be a member? Well, there are lots of benefits, including a discounted entrance to the conference. It shows potential employers that you care enough about your field to be part of a larger organization, that you are a lifelong learner. It opens doors to free and reduced-cost webinars and classes.

Did I mention that we are giving these away?

There are, however, some caveats:

  1. The complimentary member must be a member of the affiliate. If you don’t know what that means for us an NNETESOL, give us a shout and we’ll let you know. The webmaster is dying to hear from you!
  2. The individual must be a new TESOL member or someone who has not been a member in more than five years. Renewing TESOL members or current TESOL members do not qualify and the membership applications will be returned. Member status will be verified upon receipt.
  3. The seven individuals must each complete a TESOL membership application. The name of the affiliate must be listed as the name of the referrer.

Does this describe you? Do you want to put your name in the hat?

Write us. We’ll send you the details.

And if you’re going to be in Seattle in a couple of weeks, email me here. We should at least have coffee! OH! And I think we’re scheduled to be at the affiliates booth on Wednesday morning. I’m still working out the details. I’ll send them out here, and then you should stop by! We’d love to see you.

I hope to hear from you, one way or the other…

–Beth Evans, NNETESOL president

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