Thanks for a great conference!

Hello, all!

Thanks to all of you who made the 2016 conference a great success.

First, a matter of business: We’d like to ask you to take a few minutes to fill out the conference evaluation. When you finish, you can print out a certificate of attendance. This will only be available until November 17, so please make sure you do this quickly! We’re looking for your honest feedback to make this conference one that you are proud to be part of.

Our keynote speaker wrote on Sunday and said she had a lovely time with all of us. She said she loved interacting with participants. She had never been up to Maine, so she was happy to spend the morning with NNETESOL members.

If you are looking for handouts from presenters, check the schedule to find links. If you went to a great session, let that person know. We all get up in front of students every day, but sometimes when you’re presenting to a jury of your peers, it’s not the easiest thing.

For next year’s conference, we’re planning to have a few online workshops to reach out to those of you who think you might have something worth sharing, but you’re not quite sure how to do it. We think everyone has something to share. And we’d love to see you at next year’s conference in Burlington, VT.

Thanks again for helping us make this year’s venture a success.

Beth Evans, NNETESOL president




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