Free Money. No Kidding.

by Beth Evans, NNETESOL Board President-Elect

Free money.
For teachers.
Really! I’m not kidding!

Happy waning days of summer, NNETESOLers! Now is the time that you need to start thinking about your hopes and dreams. As a member of the NNETESOL board, I’d like you to know that part of what you spend to come to our fall conference (which, by the way, is going to be in Gorham, Maine, this year) is going toward scholarships that support you.

We try very hard to keep our registration prices low and to bring in speakers with interesting ideas, who push you to think in new directions. We know that in our tri-state region, professional development may not be easy to come by. And we hope that by working together, we can learn from each other.
But we also want to support what you do every day. We understand how hard this job is, and we think you deserve some recognition.

So here’s what you need to know:

  • The deadline for all our grants is September 1. (And to be perfectly honest with you, we get very few applicants. The competition since I joined the board in 2006 has been weak at best. One, maybe two people apply each year for the grants. Sometimes we get none. We’d like to change that.)
  • You must live, work and/or study in the tri-state region we represent.
  • You must be an NNETESOL member, which you can do just by submitting a request to our webmaster.

All of our grants can be found on this page. And links to the applications can be found there, too. Here’s an outline what we have to offer:

Research or Development of Classroom Materials Grant
This award is designed to provide financial support for library materials, field research or the preparation of pedagogical activities. Grant Amount: Up to $500 per year for one applicant. Should you be selected, you will be expected to submit a proposal about your work to the following year’s fall conference.
Richard Yorkey Developmental Grant
This award was created in 1998 to honor and remember Dr. Richard Yorkey, a noted author and educator, who loyally and actively contributed to NNETESOL for many years. The grant provides financial support for professional development, such as a college course or training opportunity in the English as a Second Language (ESL) field. Training must be completed within one year of receiving the grant. Grant Amount: Up to $800.
Mainstream Teacher Grant
Northern New England TESOL would like to recognize the many mainstream classroom teachers who contribute to the academic success of English language learners (ELL) in their schools. Grant Amount: $100 gift certificate, letter of recognition sent to his/her principal, and free admittance for the nominator and nominee to a NNETESOL conference.
Graduate Student Grant
Established in 2013, this award is designed to recognize graduate students in TESOL related programs in member states that seek to enhance their knowledge about ESOL by attending the NNETESOL conference. Up to three individuals may receive the award each year, one from each member state. Grant Amount: Complimentary registration to the Northern New England TESOL conference in the same calendar year as the award and up to $50 travel reimbursement.
So, friends, what have you got to lose? We want to support, and we know it is often hard to come by…
Come join us!


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