Developing a Free ELL Resource Tagging Database

We read the below message with great interest on TESOL’s EEIS mailing list. What a fantastic idea! Read on for a great new resource that’s in development, and how you can contribute to it…


Hi everyone!

My name is Yefei Jin and I’m developing and curating a free database called LessonPick for ELL educators to share and find resources tagged by WIDA Can Do Descriptors, ELD standards, ELL instructional models, Common Core etc. My goal is to empower ELL educators and content teachers through collaboration and streamlined access to useful resources.

My background is in working with Burmese refugee youth in after school settings. I care a lot about the ELL teaching community and given the national shortage of ELL teachers, I wonder how we may leverage our impact through technology. In the future, I envision a much better way to share resources within/between schools, within districts, and across the country.

In the meantime, I’m looking for help gathering resources. If you have materials you’ve personally used and want to share (worksheets, outlines, lesson plans, graphic organizers etc), you can submit through this link: I will be sending out $30 Target gift cards as deep appreciation! Feel free to look over our test page at

Let me know if you are interested! I can be reached at


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