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Deconstructing Quotes in the Classroom

by Stephanie N. Brown Have you ever used quotes in your class? I am confident when I say that most of you reading this…have used quotes in your class one way or another. Well, you might be thinking, “I already know quotes are interesting, I don’t need to read this.” But, I want you to …

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Minecraft as Language Learning Tool

Board member Beth Evans has been participating in TESOL’s Electronic Village Online, taking a course in Minecraft, and blogging about it. We’ve been following her posts with great interest. If you’ve ever wondered what’s so great about Minecraft and whether/how it can be successfully used for language learning, check out Beth’s posts below. Minecraft? Really? …

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Spicing Up Peer Feedback

by Stephanie N. Brown Peer feedback is an important aspect in the writing classroom. Peer feedback allows for horizontal learning, community development, critical thinking, and application of new skills. Seriously, what more could a teacher ask for? But, peer feedback isn’t always so exciting. Teachers need to really manage the classroom and scaffold the activity …

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Apps for ELLs – Episode II – Futaba

This is the second ‘episode’ in Meghan Fahey’s ongoing series. For earlier posts see the links at the end. If you’re looking for a multiplayer game that’s easily modifiable and fun way to help children learn new words with visual scaffolding, look no further…. Futaba is a 4 player game designed for kids. This outrageously …

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