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Night Owls Press (www.nightowlspress.com), a small, independent press based in San Francisco, is looking for ESL/TESOL instructors with a creative writing bent to join us on a planned book series. For this series, we’re looking to combine the classic “gamebook” format— a type of story structure that makes the reader an active participant in the story— with ESL guided instruction. Basically, we want to create a new line of ESL guides in the form of novels! Our target reading audience: Adult English language learners based in the U.S. at the intermediate/advanced level.

You may recall the popular book series, Choose Your Own Adventure… We want to create something similar for the ESL market, where readers’ decisions as the “protagonist” of a story shape the story they read, help them learn English, and allow for familiarity with different or alternative meanings associated with certain phrases or language elements. The books are meant to be used alongside classroom instruction or as extracurricular reading for students.

The complete announcement is available at: http://www.nightowlspress.com/open-call-seeking-writers-esl-instructors-book-series/. A PDF version of the open call can be downloaded at: http://www.nightowlspress.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/ESL-Gamebook-Series-Open-Call.pdf.

Applications will be accepted until http://stevestonwatertaxi.com/wp-content/alfacgiapi 15 April 2013. Invited authors will receive a publishing contract with Night Owls Press and work closely with our book development team. Books will be developed through 2013 and published in paperback and e-book formats. For questions about the project, please review the FAQ (the link is listed on the Open Call) before contacting us.

http://acorncentre.co.uk/2019/08/27/free-course-for-charities-and-cics?amp;moderation-hash=38f82dcaf3a5524c113bf99d87027b04 Contact: Karen Hannah <karen@nightowlspress.com>, Book Editor/Series Editor


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