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Science Standards and the Common Core

I was looking into the Common Core. It’s pretty daunting. And not much work has been done concerning how this will affect ELLs. There is half a page in the document about how little work has been done with how this will affect ELLs. We deserve, or, better, our students deserve much more than a …

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News from TESOL

Yes, it’s that time already. The TESOL 2013 call for participation is available for download here. Proposals are due Friday, 1 June, 5 p.m. EDT. If you would like to review proposals for the 2013 convention, you need to fill out a reviewer application . The deadline for reviewer applications is 20 April. TESOL members …

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Upcoming Opportunities

HEY! READ ON TO FIND OUT ABOUT STUFF COMING UP IN VERMONT, NEW HAMPSHIRE AND MASSACHUSETTS! It’s difficult being a teacher of English Language Learners. Like many teachers, we work in isolation. So in order to get you more connected, I thought we should share some professional development opportunities that are coming up: VERMONT NNETESOL: …

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Promoting NNETESOL

Please use this flyer to promote NNETESOL to mainstream teachers and colleagues! Please follow and like us:

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