Winding down the year

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buy Pregabalin Lyrica uk v Well, this month has nearly run out.  We began with quite a successful conference up in Colchester, Vermont.  We were pleased to be able to have Christine Coombs, president of TESOL International, as our keynote speaker.  The conference was well attended, and participants seemed pleased with the event.  The publishers were also pleased with the response to their displays and offerings.

We are now getting ready for the yearly round of ACCESS testing and need to be sure to get our orders in on time.  There is always a lot of discussion about the testing; how to get it administered on time, how to grade the listening portion, how to deal with exceptional cases.  My personal philosophy is just to do the best we can using our own judgment based on the training we have received, and counsel the students we teach every day to do the same.  Keep in mind that this is only one measure of our students ability.  It does not totally reflect what they can do. It should not be a stressful burden on them, or on us.

We have passed the Thanksgiving Holiday, and Christmas is just down the street.  I hope you all had a pleasant Thanksgiving with family and friends.  I wish everyone a happy Christmas season, and a blessed, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

Karen Boxell, Publishers’ Liaison