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In order to get the latest information about NNETESOL, we’d like to invite you to subscribe to the NNETESOL Listserv.

To subscribe to the listserv: Send an email to ┬ánnetesol@list.uvm.edu without a subject line. In the body of the email, type “Subscribe NNETESOL <your name>” (put your name between the < >).

To unsubscribe from the list: Send a message to ┬ánnetesol@list.uvm.edu with “Unsubscribe NNETESOL ” (put your name between the < >) in the body of the email.

To send an email to the listserv: Send your message to nnetesol@list.uvm.edu

(image source: http://www.collaboratingpartners.com/listserv.php)

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